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MT8000A : Radio Communication Test Station

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All-in-One Support for RF Measurements, Protocol Tests and Applications Tests in FR1 (to 7.125 GHz) and FR2 (Millimeter-Wave) Bands

With a 5G base station emulation function, a single MT8000A test platform supports both the FR1 (to 7.125 GHz), including band n41, and the FR2 (millimeter-wave) bands used by 5G. Combining it with the OTA Chamber enables both millimeter-wave band RF measurements and beamforming tests using call connections specified by 3GPP. In addition, the intuitive, state-machine-based GUI supports various application tests such as handover tests, quasi-normal and abnormal network tests. Moreover, maximum IP data throughput can be measured for a wide variety of band, CA, and MIMO combinations.

RF TRx, Protocol, Application/High Throughput Test Environment Image

Example of Millimeter-wave Band RF/Protocol Test in Combination with RF Chamber

Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A

Shield Box MA8161A

With the Shield Box MA8161A, the MT8000A supports functional tests in FR2 (millimeter-wave) bands.

Bandn41 (2.5 GHz)n78-79 (3.5 G/4.5 GHz)n257 (28 GHz)n260 (39 GHz)

Example of supported band
Note: Please enquire about other supported bands.

Flexible Platform using Modular Architecture

The leading-edge design with flexibility and scalability uses a modular architecture. As well as supporting 4x4 MIMO and 8CA implemented by eMBB (Enhanced Mobile Broadband), it provides a flexible environment for future 5G test requirements, including URLLC (Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications) and mMTC (massive Machine Type Communications)

Supports Existing LTE Test Environment

A comprehensive test environment is provided by making use of Anritsu's LTE test platform offering leading-edge functions based on the company's long experience in this market. Easy configuration of a linked environment for simulating 5G and LTE NSA (non-standalone) makes best use of measurement assets, such as the customer's test environment, test scenarios, etc.

Image of 5G NR NSA Measurement System using Anritsu LTE Measurement Resources

Supports Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) Condition

In DSS, the spectrum is allocated to both 4G and 5G by the scheduler intelligently, depending on the requirements. This is a much more efficient use of spectrum.

The MT8000A can measure throughput under DSS at several NR/LTE allocation conditions.


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