Simple Conformance Test System


ME7800L : Simple Conformance Test System

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Anritsus Simple Conformance Test System ME7800L is the ideal system for introducing RF and Protocol Conformance tests of 3GPP-compliant LTE mobile terminals. It covers all the basic LTE test items include Cat-M1 / NB-IoT and also supports evolving communications standards. Both RF/Performance/RRM tests and protocol tests can be selected and introduced as necessary and work efficiency is maximized by the full range of built-in functions for every stage, ranging from assuring network quality to developing mobile terminals.

Simple Equipment Configuration

By focusing on the basic LTE test items, the ME7800L design minimizes required hardware. Changes to 3GPP standards are supported by annual contract packages offering easy software updates and technical support, helping hold down initial capital costs that can be expensive when introducing conformance testing.

Global Mobile Support

Both current and future 3GPP-defined frequency bands (450 MHz to 3.8 GHz) are supported.

Stable Operation Test System

The high reliability and stable test environment supported by the ME7800L leverages the high-quality hardware and software of Anritsus top-of-the-line LTE-Advanced Conformance Test System model.


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