RF Regulatory Test System


ME7803NR : RF Regulatory Test System

The RF Regulatory Test System ME7803NR is for conducting 5G RF regulatory tests in accordance with national and regional radio regulations.

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The RF Regulatory Test System ME7803NR test solution supports TRCC/RED/CFR FR1 tests of 5G NR terminals as defined by national standards organizations (ARIB/ETSI/FCC). It also supports any future TRCC/RED/CFR test changes and updates.

It is configured from the Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A simulating a 5G NR base station, and the Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C operating as an LTE Anchor, as well as other measuring instruments and dedicated software to implement 5G RF Regulatory (TRCC/RED/CFR) tests using 5G NR Non-Standalone call connections. Currently unsupported 5G Standalone mode will be supported in future.

Supports national frequency bands

Approved bands (5G NR Band) now operating in North America, Europe and Asia are supported, while support will be added for currently unsupported bands, according to market demand.

Correction/calibration functions for improving reliability

Correction and calibration are recommended from the first stages to assure the stability and reliability of measured results. By following the easy-to-understand and simple operation manual, customers can easily perform the required tests themselves.

Maximizes customers capital investment

The ME7803NR is used in combination with customers own test equipment (MT8000A, MT8821C, MS2840A/MS2850A, MG3710E, MG3694) to maximize prior investment by adding the minimum necessary hardware.


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