New Radio RF Conformance Test System


ME7873NR : New Radio RF Conformance Test System

New Radio RF Conformance Test System executes 5G NR standalone and non-standalone mode, based on the latest 3GPP communications standards, supports FR1 and FR2 bands, GCF and PTCRB certified.

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5G, 4G and 3G
Conformance Testing with Anritsu

Trust conformance test system

Anritsus long experience in Conformance Test development started with the first 3G services and continues to the present as the company provides timely solutions meeting customers' expectations, including future 5G deployments. Anritsu is continuing to deliver experience-based trusted test solutions incorporating state-of-the-art technology to customers.

Early 3GPP Compliant Test Case Release

We shall continue with early release of 3GPPcompliant RF Conformance Test cases also for 5G deployments.

Support Global Mobile Terminals

The ME7873NR is fully 3GPP-compliant and supports both FR1 (Sub-6GHz) and FR2 (mmWave) frequency bands. It can test almost all 5G NR mobiles used worldwide.

The System with Stable Measurement

Auto correction before measurement eliminates drift due to temperature changes, greatly improving measurement stability.

Easy hardware configuration for optimum equipment investment efficiency

The hardware is easily tailored to the customers required test Capability. FR1 is supported by the Lite Model configuration using only one MT8000A and cuts measurement times by about 20% compared to the Rack Models.

*: The design, explanation and appearance are subject to change without notice.


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