MT8821C : Radio Communication Analyzer

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Tomorrow's Wireless Testing Today

The MT8821C Radio Communication Analyzer is designed for R&D of mobile devices / user equipment (UE), such as smartphones, tablets and IoT modules. It builds on the technologies of its popular predecessor, the MT8820C, preferred by UE and chipset vendors worldwide.

The new MT8821C supports all technologies, ranging from LTE-Advanced to 3G/2G, with its easy-to-use measurement functions for efficient RF adjustment and testing in one unit.

It even supports LTE-A 2CC 4x4 MIMO and 4CC 2x2 MIMO in a single box as well as LTE-U/LAA.

Also, it supports LTE-A 4CC 4x4MIMO or 6CC 2x2MIMO by interlocking two boxes, and 5CC 4x4 MIMO by three boxes.

RF TRX Measurement

3GPP UE RF Measurement

With built-in support for the UE RF TRX tests compliant with the various communications standards, such as the LTE Unlicensed (LTE-U/LAA) in the 5 GHz band, the MT8821C is the ideal test solution for any measurement scenario.

Supported communication technologies include LTE/LTE-Advanced, Cat-M1/NB-IoT, W-CDMA/HSPA, GSM/EGPRS and TD-SCDMA/HSPA.

One-touch Settings and PASS/FAIL Judgment

The MT8821C simplifies measurements with its preset measurement parameters based on the 3GPP specified RF test cases. In addition, it automatically performs the PASS/FAIL judgment of measurement results, per the standard test conditions.

Remote Control Sample Tool

The MT8821C can be configured in an automated test system using either GPIB or Ethernet for remote control. Anritsu also provides a 3GPP RF test standard compliant automatic remote control sample tool called ATS.

Operation is as simple as selecting the required test case from the RF test items in the remote control sample tool. Even new users can easily configure an automated test environment, which reduces training time and increases productivity.

Flexible Parameter Setting

The MT8821C runs TRX measurements using the parameters specified by the 3GPP/3GPP2 RF test standards. In addition, the flexible parameter settings support both RF parametric and simple protocol testing.

RF Calibration

With high-speed measurement modes supported by chipsets vendors, the MT8821C increases measurement efficiency by reducing the time required for RF calibration of cellular chipsets and devices.

Enhanced GUI for Efficient Operability

The new MT8821Cs next-generation windows-based GUI and easy-to-use large touch panel significantly enhance operability and visibility, compared to other instruments. Users can operate the MT8821C by simply touching and swiping the screen, as well as benefit from the ease and speed of one-touch switching between grouped/individual graph lists and results outline/detail displays.

The MT8821C also efficiently simplifies the traditionally complex settings process with its easy parameter search, bookmarking of commonly used parameters and setting test parameters functions all with just one touch of a button.

Built-in Windows Server PC for IP Data Throughput Testing

With the built-in Windows 7 PC, you can execute IP data transfer tests without an external server PC.

Built-in Flexible Internal RF Front End

The MT8821C has a built-in internal RF front end with switches and RF dividers to eliminate the need for external combiners or a test set, thus simplifying test setup and calibration. The signals can be combined for conducted measurements or output each carrier aggregation and MIMO downlink signal to separate ports for OTA testing. It even has a port to insert the signal from an interfering signal generator or output the uplink signal to an external spectrum analyzer for out-of-band spurious measurements.

Functional Testing

The MT8821C is also ideal for

  • OTA (Over-The-Air) testing
  • SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) testing
  • Power consumption testing
  • Inter-RAT measurement report testing, Dual SIM (DSDA) testing, or SVLTE
  • End-to-End IP Data Throughput Testing
  • Supports VoLTE voice/video echoback testing

Backwards Compatibility/MT8820C to MT8821C Upgrade

Since the new MT8821Cs remote commands maintain good backwards compatibility with the legacy MT8820 series, the MT8821C supports the previously used remote tools, helping reduce costs when configuring automated test environments.

Anritsu also offers an upgrade path from the MT8820C to the MT8821C, making full use of the existing MT8820C hardware and software to maximize previous investment in the MT8820C and keep MT8821C costs down.

Supports Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) Condition in Combination with MT8000A

In DSS, the spectrum is allocated to both 4G and 5G by the scheduler intelligently, depending on the requirements. This is a much more efficient use of spectrum.

The MT8000A can measure throughput under DSS at several NR/LTE allocation conditions.


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