Rapid Test Designer (RTD)


MX786201A : Rapid Test Designer (RTD)

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Rapidly Test Mobile Device Signaling

Fixing problems early is a business goal for any wireless product development organization and correctly implementing protocols the first time round will reduce cost and improve product quality. In order to meet these goals you will need to hire world-class engineers and equip them with the most effective development tools and test solutions.

The Rapid Test Designer (RTD), coupled with Anritsus preeminent range of mobile system simulators has been adopted by the worlds leading device makers and network operators as the unsurpassed solution for rapidly testing and debugging wireless mobile device signaling.

RTD software provides 3 core functions:

1. Custom Test Design
Quickly and easily create your own bespoke tests in a flowchart-based test design environment.

2. Mobile Network Simulation
Configure one or more base station simulators and control the messages exchanged with the Device Under Test (DUT).

3. Protocol Analysis
Best-in-class protocol analysis capabilities allow you to easily analyze test procedures and messages to pinpoint and fix complex protocol issues.


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