MA244xD Series

High Accuracy Diodes Sensors (CW)


MA244xD Series : High Accuracy Diodes Sensors (CW)

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The Anritsu MA244XD standard diode sensors are designed for use with the ML2430, ML2480 and ML2490 series power meters. They are designed for high dynamic range, high accuracy CW and TDMA measurements. With their built in 3 dB attenuator, the MA244XD minimize input VSWR and are best used where the best measurement accuracy is required over a large dynamic range, for example when measuring amplifiers. These sensors have a dynamic range of 87 dB compared to the 90 dB of MA247XD standard diode sensors. In all other respects the performance of the sensors is identical to the standard diode sensor.


High Accuracy Diode Sensors
Model MA2442D MA2444DMA2445D
Frequency Range 10 MHz - 18 GHz10 MHz - 40 GHz10 MHz - 50 GHz
Dynamic Range (dBm) -67 to +20
SWR<1.17; 10-150 MHz (MA2442D only)
<1.90; 10-50 MHz
<1.17; 50-150 MHz
<1.08; 0.15-2 GHz
<1.16; 2-12.4 GHz
<1.21; 12.4-18 GHz
<1.29; 18-32 GHz
<1.44; 32-40 GHz
<1.50; 40-50 GHz
Rise Time *1 (ms)<0.004
Sensor Linearity *31.8%, < 18 GHz
2.5%, < 40 GHz
3.5%, < 50 GHz
RF Connector *2N(m) K(m) V(m)


*1. 0.0 dBm, room temperature.
*2. Each MA24XXA/D Series sensor incorporates precision RF Connectors with hexagon coupling nut for attachment by industry standard torque wrench.
*3. For MA2445D, the linearity is applicable only from -67 dBm to +15 dBm.


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