MA245xxA Series

Power Master™ Frequency Selectable mmWave Power Analyzer


MA245xxA Series : Power Master Frequency Selectable mmWave Power Analyzer

Power Master is a frequency selectable mmWave power analyzer that measures the RF power of signals and is powered by USB, in a small form factor

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The Power Master is an ultra-portable, USB-based mmWave power analyzer that provides simple, numeric and frequency selective average power RF measurements. The Power Master features two frequency coverage options between 9 kHz to 70 GHz and 9 kHz to 110 GHz. The Power Master provides very broadband power range coverage with a floor as low as -90 dBm.

Many customers are challenged with finding an affordable power sensor that provides broadband frequency and power level coverage as well as a small foot print. The Power Master was created to minimize cost to the customer by removing expensive and unwarranted features that can drive the price of a standard mmWave sensor. The design of the Power Master was to mitigate long measurement times that can be experienced with other mmWave sensor products that are based on thermal components. The Power uses a receiver-based architecture that can not only reduce measurement time, but also allows for frequency-selectivity which provides a more accurate power measurement in the desired frequency band. For foot print, the Power Master is nearly the size of a smart phone, freeing up workbench space.

The Power Master is an all-purpose and robust mmWave power sensor that can used for stand-alone measurements or in a system for calibrating Vector Network Analyzers.


  Model  MA24507A  MA24510A
  Frequency Range  9 kHz to 70 GHz  9 kHz to 110 GHz
  Measurement Range  -90 to +10 dBm  -90 to +10 dBm
  9 kHz to 12.4 GHz 1.29
  > 12.4 GHz to 50 GHz 1.67
  > 50 GHz to 70 GHz 2.10
  9 kHz to 12.4 GHz 1.29
  > 12.4 GHz to 50 GHz 1.67
  > 50 GHz to 110 GHz 2.10
Amplitude Accuracy (dB, Typical)  ±1.0 dB, typical  ±1.0 dB, typical
  RF Connector  V(m) Connector  V(m) Connector



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