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Anritsu Mobile Interference Hunting System Quick. Reliable. Multi-Emitter.

Anritsus Mobile InterferenceHunter MX280007A is a quick and reliable way to find single or multiple sources of interference. The ability to work with multiple signal sources, reflections, RF shadows, drifting signals, bursty signals, and multi-path distinguish the Mobile InterferenceHunter MX280007A from more expensive solutions targeted at single fixed frequency interference sources.

The Mobile InterferenceHunters post-capture analysis capability allows users to modify search parameters without re-driving the route. This allows re-analysis of the captured data as well as consulting with experts.

The Mobile InterferenceHunter works with the broad array of Anritsus handheld spectrum analyzers, providing interference hunting and spectrum clearing capability from 9 kHz to 54 GHz. The Mobile InterferenceHunter is a quick, reliable, and multi-emitter enabled solution to your interference hunting and spectrum clearing needs.

Sample Mobile InterferenceHunter System Components

For a full description of the Mobile InterferenceHunter MX280007A, please see the product brochure, available under the Library tab.

By utilizing Anritsus proprietary interference finding algorithms, the Mobile InterferenceHunter MX280007A software will quickly determine the position estimate of an interfering signal. Once sufficient measurements are accumulated in Area Scan mode, the Mobile InterferenceHunter MX280007A software can create a heat map indicating the position of the interference source. The heat map becomes smaller as more measurements are taken, refining the signal location estimate.

With a user interface optimized for Windows touchscreen tablets the MX280007A software is simple to use. Features include:

  • Max Hold to find interferers which show up periodically (i.e. radar type signals)
  • Min Hold to find interferers buried underneath the intended signal (ideal for finding signals hidden in LTE uplink bands)
  • Squelch Control to view only signals above a certain threshold
  • Sensitivity settings from Dense Urban to Rural terrain categories
  • Area Scan mode to quickly localize the signal source
  • Choice of map sources: Google Maps, Baidu Maps, or OpenStreetMap
  • Zoom In/Out commands for desired street level view
  • Full Screen Spectrum View for better examination and analysis of the spectrum
  • Growing Breadcrumbs of the drive route that indicate higher signal strength as you drive closer to the interference source
  • Single or multiple emitter detection modes make it easy to use for any type of emitter detection application (multiple emitter mode is ideal for locating multiple cable TV interferers)
  • A spectrum clearing mode using channel power measurements that map signals above a certain power threshold
    Integrated help system for user assistance
The Anritsu Mobile InterferenceHunter MX280007A works with many existing Anritsu handheld spectrum analyzers that are enabled with a GPS receiver. These include platforms such as Site Master, Spectrum Master, BTS Master, Cell Master, LMR Master, and Remote Spectrum Monitor solutions. No firmware updates are needed.

The Anritsu Mobile InterferenceHunter solution is designed to be best-in-class for its interference detection capability and ease of use. No other inference hunting system is as efficient and simple to use with easy set-ups for safe one-person operation.


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