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easyTest has a few simple tools that allow experienced users to easily share their expertise with novice users. This simplicity allows experienced users to concentrate on their message and not the mechanics of creating a procedure.


All of the setups, procedures, and images used in an easyTest procedure are placed in one file, an ETT file, making distribution of the easyTest procedure simple. Modified firmware in the instrument recognizes this file type and works with it. Easy distribution by electronic means allows procedures to be easily kept current.


Simply pressing an icon on the instrument menu allows novice users to start the procedure. Once started, setups recall automatically, putting the instrument into the proper mode for the measurement. Images display hook-up instructions, prompts let end-users know if they need to press any buttons, and "saves" automatically save test results. All of this makes getting test results with Anritsu cable and antenna analyzers quick, reliable, and simple.

Also included with easyTest Tools are a set of sample procedures, allowing users to build their procedures by modifying our samples.

easyTest Tools procedures are powerful and flexible, while retaining a very simple interface for procedure writers.


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