VectorStar™ Opto-Electronic Network Analyzers


ME7848A : VectorStar Opto-Electronic Network Analyzers

The VectorStar opto-electronic network analyzer (ONA) series provides specified, traceable measurements of O/E, E/O, and O/O devices operating at 850, 1310, 1550 nm wavelengths up to 110 GHz.

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The VectorStar ME7848A opto-electronic network analyzer (ONA) provides a modular approach to optical measurements of O/E, E/O, and O/O devices operating at 850, 1310, and 1550 nm wavelengths. There are two configurations available: the VectorStar ME7848A-100 series includes the MN4765B O/E calibration module and the VectorStar ME7848A-200 series adds the MN4775A E/O converter.

The VectorStar ME7848A-200 series provides the ability to quickly switch between O/E, E/O, and O/O measurements with specified traceable measurements established by the MN4765B O/E calibration module.

The VectorStar ME7848A ONA can be easily modified to different wavelengths by adding the appropriate MN4775A E/O converter and MN4765B O/E calibration detector. The VectorStar ME7838A-100 series can be upgraded to a 200 series by including the appropriate MN4775A E/O converter.

Measurement Capabilities

With the addition of the two modulators, VectorStar, along with a 110 GHz O/E photodetector, can make the following measurements. The inherent advantages that we had on the 70 GHz system are still applicable to the 110 GHz system, namely upgradability, flexibility of making opto-electronic and E/E measurements, and NIST traceability on the reference calibration photodetector.

  • Responsivity parameters (frequency response, conversion efficiency, gain of receiver, etc.)
  • Transfer functions
  • Group delay measurements
  • Optical losses
  • Balanced measurements (four port differential frequency response, gain, etc. for differential electro-optical devices)
  • E/E measurements (S11/S22)


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