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RF Thailand (by F.E.S.) is a distributor of Anritsu in Thailand.

We provide BERT - Bit Error Rate Tester, Bluetooth and WLAN Testers, OTDRs, Signal/Spectrum Analyzers,

Vector Network Analyzers, Optical Loss Test Set/Light Source/Optical Power Meter.

With over 20 years of experience in Optical and Electrical products.

We can do with the Excellent support and Excellent service.

Anritsu provide cutting- edge solutions for telecommunications, RF, Optical Technologies. Our complete solutions that we prefer is Vector Network Analyzer, Optical Spectrum Analyzer, Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT), OTDR, Signal Analyzer Attenuator, Adaptor, RF Cable, RF Connector, Antenna and Calibration Kit etc. All instrument are designed to meet your ever- changing market needs.

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