MS2830A : Spectrum Analyzer/Signal Analyzer

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MS2830A is the multifunctional Signal Analyzer and offers excellent cost-performance with a full line of test applications.

The MS2830A-040/041/043 has an upper frequency limit of 3.6 GHz/6 GHz/13.5 GHz and they are ideal for evaluating various digital wireless equipment, including cellular and WLAN, as well as for developing, manufacturing, and maintaining analog and digital PMR/LMR.

Moreover, built-in functions such as the analog/vector signal generator supporting Rx evaluation and the noise figure (NF) test function, cover a wide application range.

The MS2830A-044/045 has an upper frequency limit of 26.5 GHz/43 GHz and they are ideal for Tx evaluation when manufacturing and maintaining µwave and mmWave wireless equipment using various built-in test applications required for testing digital wireless equipment.

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