MX725000A : LTE V2X PC5 Communication Software

Introducing cellular V2X test solution for laboratory near-to-real driving tests using V2X emulator, GNSS simulator, reference module and LTE V2X PC5 Communication Software.

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V2V and V2I communications over the ITS-band PC5 interface are being developed to support the future expected widespread rollout of cellular V2X (C-V2X) applications. Conventional test environment was extremely expensive and required test scenario programming, causing problems for development engineers in securing adequate evaluation resources and bench time.

This solution uses Anritsus LTE V2X PC5 Communications Software to link the C-V2X communications reference module and GNSS simulator with the Tata Elxsi V2X Emulator to support programming-free graphical evaluation of PC5 communications and cut C-V2X development time and costs.

Product Configuration

Functions/Traffic Scenarios

  FCW (Forward Collision Warning)  SVW (Stationary Vehicle Warning)
  ICW (Intersection Collision Warning)  EVW (Emergency Vehicle Warning)
  HLN (Hazardous Location Warning)  CACC (Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control)
  BSW (Blind Spot Warning)  LTA (Left Turn Assist)
  DNPW (Do Not Pass Warning)  AVW (Abnormal Vehicle Warning)
  EBW (Emergency Brake Warning)  CLW (Control Loss Warning)
  SLW (Speed Limit Warning)  GLOSA (Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory)

Typical Usage Cases

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