MX772000PC/MX773000PC : O-RAN Radio Unit Test Solution

MX772000PC and MX773000PC are software for O-RAN Fronthaul testing of O-RAN Radio Unit (O-RU).

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The ORAN Test Platform MX772000PC and O-DU Emulator Platform Software MX773000PC comprise an O-RAN Fronthaul test solution for the O-RAN Radio Unit (O-RU) specified by O-RAN WG4.CONF. As well as supporting the S-Plane Error Addition Test and the O-RU Time Error tolerance evaluation specified by O-RAN WG4.CONF, the software options can be flexibly configured according to the required test items.

ORAN Test Platform MX772000PC

The O-RU evaluation workload is greatly increased by the many required test items. The MX772000PC simplifies O-RU testing by controlling the MT8000A to automate measurement and Pass/Fail evaluation of obtained results. Moreover, since the O-DU Emulator and MT8000A are controlled from a GUI, test cases for automatic measurement are created easily.

O-DU Emulator Platform Software MX773000PC

The MX773000PC softare simulates the O-DU function via an O-RAN Fronthaul compliant CUSM-Plane to set and control the O-RU under test.

MX773000PC Open Source Acknowlegement

MX773000PC includes dma_ip_drivers, dpdk-kmods and libnetconf2. You may obtain, modify and redistribute the source code of these software.
In this case, please contact us from "Contact" at the top of the page. Please note that we cannot provide any support regarding the source code.

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