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MW90010B : Coherent OTDR

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The Coherent OTDR MW90010B can measure ultra-long submarine cables of up to 20,000 km to locate faults with 10 m measurement resolution.
Coherent detection technology captures waveform data, including fault location, cable loss, bending loss, fiber length, etc., for detailed evaluation of submarine cables. Its excellent basic performance, such as measurement time and dynamic range, accurately measures submarine cables with optical-amplifier repeaters separated by distances of 80 km or more.
Moreover, setting the built-in tunable light source with a wavelength accuracy of ±0.05 nm to a wavelength range of 1527.60 nm to 1567.13 nm supports measurement of DWDM submarine cables.

  Items  Specifications
  Fiber under test  ITU-T G.653 (DSF)
  Optical connector  FC, SC, (User Replaceable, PC Type)
  Wavelength (Probe light)  1527.60 nm to 1567.13 nm
  Wavelength accuracy  ±0.05 nm (20°C to 30°C)
  Warm-up time  2 minutes (20°C to 30°C)
  Pulse width  3/10/30/60/100 µs
  Optical output power  0 to +13 dBm, 0.5 dB Steps
  Dynamic range (S/N=1)  18 dB (typ.)
  Measurement conditions (25, Pulse Width: 10 μs, Averaging Times: 216, Distance Range:    1000 km, Smoothing: On, Signal: 57 dBm @ Pin)
  Dead zone  0.5 km (Pulse Width: 3 µs)
  Distance range  100 km, 500 km to 12,000 km (in 500 km steps)
  With MW90010B-003
  100 km, 500 km to 20,000 km (in 500 km steps)
  Measurement time  15 minutes (Distance Range: 1000 km, Averaging Times: 216)
  Dimensions and mass  320 (W) × 177 (H) × 451 (D) mm, 10 kg


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