MA2411B : Pulse Sensor

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The Anritsu MA2411B pulse power sensors are designed for use with the ML2480 and ML2490 series power meters. These sensors are used for pulse profiling and provide peak, crest factor, average power, rise time, fall time, maximum power, minimum power and statistical data of wideband signals.


Pulse Sensor
Frequency Range300 MHz - 40 GHz
Dynamic Range (dBm)-20 to +20 dBm
SWR<1.15; 0.3-2.5 GHz
<1.35; 2.5-26 GHz
<1.50; 26-40 GHz
Rise Time *1 (ns)<8
Sensor Linearity<4.5% 0.3 to 18 GHz
<7% 18 to 40 GHz
RF Connector *2K(m)


*1. 10 dBm, room temperature, ML249x Power Meter
*2. Each MA24XX Series sensor incorporates precision RF Connectors with hexagon coupling nut for attachment by industry standard torque wrench.

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