MA248xD Series : Universal Power Sensors (Average)

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The MA248xD series are true RMS sensors with a dynamic range of 80 dB. These power sensors can be used for average power measurements on CW, multi-tone and modulated RF waveforms such as 3G, 4G, and OFDM. The sensor architecture consists of three pairs of diodes, each one configured to work in its square law region over the dynamic range of the sensor. Therefore, it measures true RMS power regardless of the type or bandwidth of the modulation of the input signal. Option 1 provides TDMA measurement capability, calibrating one of the diode pairs for linearity over a wide dynamic range, thus making it a truly universal sensor.


Universal Power Sensors
ModelMA2481DMA2482D MA2480/01
Frequency Range10 MHz - 6 GHz
10 MHz - 18 GHzAdds fast CW mode to Universal Power Sensors for high speed measurements of CW signal plus TDMA and pulse measurements.
Dynamic Range (dBm) -60 to +20
SWR<1.17; 10-150 MHz
<1.12; 0.15-2 GHz
<1.22; 2-12.4 GHz
<1.25; 12.4-18 GHz
Rise Time *1 (ms) <0.004 (with option 1 only)
Sensor Linearity10 MHz to 6 GHz
3% -60 to +20 dBm
6 to 18 GHz
3% -60 to +20 dBm
3.5% o to +20 dBm
(1.8% CW with option 1)
RF Connector *2 N(m)


*1. 0.0 dBm, room temperature.
*2. Each MA24XX Series sensor incorporates precision RF Connectors with hexagon coupling nut for attachment by industry standard torque wrench.

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