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MA24400A : USB Peak Power Sensors

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The MA24400A USB Peak Power Sensor are designed to meet the challenges of signal measurement and characterization in a complex world of wireless communications. With industry leading rise time and video bandwidth (VBW) of up to 195 MHz (sensor dependent), Anritsus USB peak power sensors are able to measure the peak power of wideband modulated signals, like 802.11ac, as well as pulses as narrow as 10 ns.

The MA24400A family also takes measurement speed and resolution to a new level. Other peak power sensors halt measurements while processing captured data. With real time processing of power readings, these sensors never miss a signal. Sampling rates of 100 megasamples per second continuous and 10 gigasamples per second effective provides best-in-class time resolution of 100 ps and the ability to measure 3 ns rise time. This means that even the smallest change in the signal will be caught and plotted for a full picture of signal behavior.

Supplied PC software offers an intuitive user interface to configure and display results. Available displays include simple peak and average power as well as a trace view for pulse power analysis and CCDF graphs.


ModelsFrequencyVBW (high / standard)Power Range AvgPower Range PulseRF Connector
MA24406A50 MHz to 6 GHz195 MHz / 350 kHz-60 to +20 dBm-50 to +20 dBmN(m)
MA24408A50 MHz to 8 GHz165 MHz / 350 kHz-60 to +20 dBm *-50 to +20 dBm **N, 50 Ohms
MA24418A50 MHz to 18 GHz70 MHz / 350 kHz-34 to +20 dBm-24 to +20 dBmN(m)
MA24419A50 MHz to 18 GHz6 MHz / 350 kHz-50 to +20 dBm-40 to +20 dBmN(m)
MA24440A50 MHz to 40 GHz70 MHz / 350 kHz-34 to +20 dBm-24 to +20 dBmK(m)
MA24441A50 MHz to 40 GHz6 MHz / 350 kHz-50 to +20 dBm-40 to +20 dBmK(m)


* -53 to +20 dBm for > 6 GHz
** -43 to +20 dBm for > 6 GHz

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