Field Master™/Spectrum Analyzer


MS2070A : Field Master/Spectrum Analyzer

Handheld field portable RF spectrum analyzer to 3 GHz, designed to deliver accurate spectrum analyzer measurements with a clear high resolution user interface.

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The Field Master MS2070A is the latest version of Anritsus handheld spectrum analyzers. Built on a field-proven durable platform, the Field Master MS2070A provides a comprehensive set of features with excellent performance up to 3 GHz. MS2070A is designed to conduct RF measurements in a variety of general-purpose field and lab environments.

With dynamic range of >105 dB at 2.4 GHz, the MS2070A can capture and measure HF, VHF and UHF signals common in commercial and military applications. Typical DANL with a built-in optional preamplifier of -167dBm, coupled with a Third Order Intercept (TOI) of +11 dBm and typical level accuracy of ±0.5 dB enable a full range of signals to be captured by the handheld spectrum analyzer.

The MS2070A is designed so engineers can conduct standard swept spectrum analysis measurements simply and accurately up to 3 GHz. It features sweep speeds of up to 32 GHz/s in common low noise configurations.

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