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Since the Wireless Remote Tools software communicates over LAN with the Anritsu handheld instruments, there are many different ways to configure the communication link. One of the simplest methods uses a USB powered Wi-Fi router attached to the instrument. This allows control of the instrument from a safe place, for instance, when the instrument is physically on a tower top connected to a remote radio head, the operator could be on the ground.


The Wireless Remote Tools software allows users to monitor instruments remotely. This can be quite useful for long term spectrum monitoring, particularly when there is an intermittent issue, or when the exact nature of the issue is unknown.


In addition to monitoring, Wireless Remote Tools software allows remote instrument control. This allows experienced users to make measurements, analyze signals, and save trace data on the instrument while the operator is at a distance from the instrument.

Wireless Connectivity

The Anritsu Application note "Configuring Anritsu Handheld Instruments and the ZyXEL MWR102 Portable Router", found on the library tab, details how to create a wireless connection with Anrtisu handheld RF instruments.

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