Distributed Modular 2-port Vector Network Analyzer


ME786xA : Distributed Modular 2-port Vector Network Analyzer

2-port USB VNA systems deliver phase synchronized measurements up to 100 meters, improves dynamic range, measurement stability of s-parameter measurements, 8, 20, and 43.5 GHz.

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The ShockLine ME7868A/ME7869A system is the first distributed, fully reversing 2-port VNA solution that provides guaranteed performance from 1 MHz to 43.5 GHz by utilizing Anritsus Extended-K components. Powered by the revolutionary PhaseLync technology, it enables engineers to synchronize two portable ShockLine MS46131A VNAs and connect them directly to a DUT to conduct vector transmission measurements at distances up to 100 meters. Whether in a manufacturing, engineering, or education environment, this solution simplifies long-distance S-parameter measurements and VNA test system integration by removing the need to utilize conventional benchtop VNAs with long cable runs, which eliminates insertion loss, improves measurement stability, and lowers setup costs.

The ShockLine ME7868A/ME7869A offers a configurable VNA setup to maximize hardware utilization. Easily set VNA port count (single 1-port, dual 1-ports, or single 2-ports) from session-by-session to ensure maximum flexibility. With low-pass time domain with time gating option, users have access to a TDR-like display with more resolution than bandpass time domain for characterizing discontinuities. Because there is no onboard data storage, this eliminates the need to purge data for secure applications.

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