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easyMap works with Anritsu handheld spectrum analyzers and interference analyzers. It is focused on supporting option 25, Interference Analysis, and option 431, coverage mapping.


easyMap sources map data from either Google Maps or MapQuest. Maps sourced from Google can be displayed as Terrain Maps, Road Maps, Hybrid Maps (A combination of terrain and road maps) and as Satellite view maps. These maps are quite useful when used in interference hunting or coverage mapping. However, Google Maps is not available in every country, due to country specific restrictions. MapQuest sourced maps are available as road maps, and come from the OpenStreetMaps movement. At this time, they are freely downloadable wherever internet access is available.


easyMap translates the map source into a format readable by Anritsu handheld spectrum analyzers. This translation allows up to seven zoom levels on the instrument and allows panning and zooming on the instrument. The result is the ability to have the coverage you need to hunt interference or map coverage and at the same time, have the detail needed to locate what you find, even over a large geographic area.


easyMap enables accurate coverage mapping and interference hunting using an Anritsu handheld spectrum analyzer and the MA2700A interference hunter handle with a GPS, Compass, and Preamp. No more fussing with maps and compass, no more worrying about magnetic deviation or the effect of your truck motor on the compass heading. easyMap enables accurate signal measurement and location in the field.

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