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Line Sweep Tools allows users to quickly and efficiently process captured line sweeps, as well as PIM measurements. In addition, it has some capability for handling common S parameter measurements as well as transmission measurements.

Marker and Limit Line Presets

LST has marker presets. Once setup, they make it possible to apply a set of markers to a trace with one button press. This ensures that markers are where they need to be, every time. Once set, a next sweep button lets you view the next trace with one button press.

Marker presets are invaluable when reviewing large numbers of line sweeps. LST has 7 sets of marker presets.

Quick Names

Often, line sweep file names, titles, and subtitles need to be changed to match a specific standard before submitting traces for payment. Often, its more convenient to do this task in the office than in the field. The Quick Name Matrix makes changing the trace file name, title, and subtitle a matter of pressing a few buttons to select pre-written text segments that can be used to create the final, formal, file name, title, or subtitle.

Automated Report Generation

LST has report generation for both PIM traces and Line Sweeps. Producing industry standard reports, in PDF format, LST can also create files in the industry standard DAT format.

Instrument Compatibility LST is compatible with a wide range of Anritsu handheld instruments. For specifics, please see the Instruments Supported tab.

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